Coober Pedy – Discover The Majestic Breakaways

The Breakaways Reserve got its name from the colourful low hills that appear from a distance as if they are ‘broken away’ from the higher ground of the reserve. The landscape was once an inland sea and over time has been transformed into a dramatic landscape that changes colour with the passing of the sun creating an almost surreal panorama.

The Breakaways Lookout is a highlight for guests of the walking tour and provides the perfect vantage point to truly appreciate the breathtaking landscape.

Your local walking guide will take you on a journey that will bring the land to life by showcasing some of the vibrant local flora and fauna and delight you with indigenous ‘dream time’ stories and tales from the past.

You will discover the beauty and history of Australia’s national gemstone at the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum, one of Coober Pedy’s original attractions and the Opal capital of the world.

A guided interactive tour of the museum is a perfect back drop to allow you the opportunity to explore the underground caverns, hand dug shafts and tunnels featuring an original underground dugout home and memorabilia from the past.

A visit to the Opal Quest Mine is where you will be able to don a hard hat and try your luck finding fortune while enjoying lunch in this

Recommended Fitness Level: Moderate – approx. 500m of walking on the tour, stairs, steep inclines, short walks and navigating underground tunnels required.

Platinum and Gold Service guests Included in your fare