The South Australian Museum

You will be immersed in the story of South Australia’s vibrant fossil heritage and learn more about early paleontology across the Nullarbor plain.

You will be delighted as you view the extensive and stunning collection of opals, meteorites and minerals on display and understand their significance in the evolution of Australia’s desert landscapes and the history around South Australia’s Opal wealth and cultural significance. Enjoy the showcase of unique opalised fossils of ancient sea monsters that swam in the Eromanga Sea over 100 million years ago. Your tour will also take in the most significant collection of Australian Aboriginal cultural material in the world.

In the evening, guests will enjoy canapes and drinks prior to a sumptuous dinner. Hosted by one of Adelaide’s renowned scientists, this is a wonderful finale to a uniquely immersive afternoon.

Recommended Fitness Level: MODERATE – short walks required through the exhibits.


Platinum and Gold Service guests Included in your fare