The Overland 2024 Timetable


1 January to 31 December 2024

ADELAIDE TO MELBOURNE - Service departing Sunday & Thursday
Depart Adelaide 7.45AM 6.55AM
Depart Murray Bridge 9.35AM 9.10AM
Depart Bordertown 11.34AM 11.09AM
Depart Nhill 1.01PM 12.36PM
Depart Dimboola 1.34PM 1.10PM
Depart Horsham 2.01PM 1.37PM
Depart Stawell 2.55PM 2.31PM
Depart Ararat 3.19PM 2.55PM
Depart North Shore Geelong 5.23PM 5.40PM
Arrive Melbourne 6.50PM 6.50PM
MELBOURNE TO ADELAIDE - Service departing Monday & Friday
Depart Melbourne 8.05AM 8.05AM
Depart North Shore Geelong 9.35AM 9.15AM
Depart Ararat 11.35AM 11.15AM
Depart Stawell 12.00PM 11.40AM
Depart Horsham 12.51PM 1.00PM
Depart Dimboola 1.20PM 1.28PM
Depart Nhill 1.47PM 1.55PM
Depart Bordertown 2.11PM 2.21PM
Depart Murray Bridge 4.10PM 4.18PM
Arrive Adelaide 6.00PM 6.05PM