Not a formal Off Train Experience as such, but an added bonus that we like to include if we can!

While you may not have heard of the outback town Marla before, it is fair to say it is worth the early start just to see the sunrise over this South Australian desert landscape.

Located closer to Alice Springs than Adelaide, Marla is just shy of 1000 kilometres into the journey. The train arrives in the dark and guests are welcome to step off to stretch their legs as the sun light slowly bathes the surrounding outback and start their day with a steaming mug of coffee and bacon and egg roll.

Take a moment to enjoy the stillness on this short 45 minute stop with the promise of the day stretching before you. Re-board the train (you can even hop back into bed!) and brunch will be served from 10am.

PLEASE NOTE: This stop is only on northbound journeys from Adelaide to Darwin.