Optional Upgrade – Coober Pedy: Painted Hills & Lake Eyre Scenic Flight

The Anna Creek Painted Hills is a rocky outcrop of large and small hills, which emerge out of a flat, desert landscape. It’s spectacular from the air and you can be part of the small number of people who land and enjoy a guided tour of this magnificent landscape. 

You’ll also fly over Lake Eyre, which was formed approximately 200 million years ago and is the lowest point below sea level on the Australian continent. When the lake’s water level is low, its glittering crystallised surface stretches as far as the eye can see. As the  water begins to evaporate, the lake takes-on a spectacular pink hue caused by a pigment found within a specific type of salt-loving algae.

Enjoy a classic pub meal at the William Creek Hotel for lunch. The town is reputed to be the smallest in South Australia, surrounded by the world’s largest pastoral station, Anna Creek Station. The town has a permanent population of 6, however during the winter months, this exceeds over 30… and a dog. ​​

On return to the airport, board your aircraft and take to the skies again, fly over the town of Coober Pedy for a different perspective on underground living.

You’ll arrive at Manguri siding in the early evening and have the opportunity to snap an photo of the iconic Ghan locomotive. 

To avoid disappointment, we highly recommend guests pre-book this tour. For more information on how to pre-book, please contact our travel centre on 1800 703 357 or contact your travel agent.

If you choose this experience, you will not be able to participate in the included Off Train Experiences.

Recommended Fitness Level: Moderate level mobility – Guests required to board and disembark aircraft unassisted. Guided walk with standing required. Weight restrictions apply – a maximum weight of any individual cannot exceed 130kg. Guests are strongly encouraged to dress for the weather conditions. Enclosed sturdy shoes are required. Sunscreen, a hat, trousers and long sleeves are highly recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: This tour is subject to availability and conditions; all upgrade optional experiences are non-refundable.