The Nullarbor



The remote town is five hours drive from the nearest big town of Kalgoorlie and borders the largest sheep station in the southern hemisphere, home to up to 80,000 sheep across a mere 2.5 million acres. To put the scale into perspective, one paddock alone takes eight hours to muster by plane. It’s here that you’ll enjoy an outback encounter to remember. As you enjoy morning refreshments, you’ll witness a moving, dawn experience as the desert comes to life, and marvel at the raw beauty of the Nullarbor.



Hidden in the vast interior of South Australia lies a ghost town that once bustled with life. Today, the village of Cook is home to lonely buildings and a population you can count on one hand – but in its heyday the location was an important part of the development of Australia’s interior.

Established in 1917, Cook was originally built as a support town for the railway, with more than 50 people helping to maintain the tracks. Alight and wander the remote, time-worn town for a slightly eerie, unique glimpse of pioneering Australia.