The Ghan versus The Ghan Expedition

Choosing Your Perfect Ghan Journey: Unlocking the Ultimate Experience Through Seasonal Insights and Destination Highlights.

For 95 years, The Ghan’s legendary train journey has traversed Australia’s captivating landscapes. It’s not just a journey connecting point A to point B; it’s a multi-day all-inclusive experience. For some, it’s a journey they’ve been dreaming about for a long time, and for others who understand the peace and power of train travel, it feels like home.

Food and Wine

Over the years, The Ghan has evolved to become an immersive adventure that connects people to the land. The Australian Outback is wild and rugged, and you’d be forgiven to think its dry and desolate plains aren’t affected by the seasons. But they are, and we listen to them to make sure you get the most out of your journey. This means The Ghan’s itinerary changes as the seasons do, with three possible rail journeys available.   


From March to November, The Ghan travels north to Darwin on a three-day journey, calling into Marla for a sunrise bonfire and breakfast in what feels like the middle of nowhere, Alice Springs for a day of discovery, choosing an Off Train Experience to suit your style of travel, and Katherine for a cruise through the towering Nitmiluk Gorge. 

Travelling south towards Adelaide in March and November, this three-day journey also stops in Katherine and Alice Springs, but on the last night, pulls into the outback outpost of Manguri for a nightcap under the stars. 


For most of Australia, April to October is cold and wet, but in Central Australia, this weather is just right. During this time, The Ghan’s three-day journey south becomes The Ghan Expedition, an extended four-day journey that exclusively departs from Darwin to Adelaide. 

Like The Ghan’s classic itinerary, The Ghan Expedition stops in Katherine and Alice Springs on its journey south. However, the extra day offers deeper immersion and additional experiences in the Australian Outback. On The Ghan Expedition, you’ll enjoy a signature dining experience under the stars at Telegraph Station. Think red ochre earth and crisp white tablecloths. Champagne flutes in hand and the Southern Cross constellation sparking above. With live music playing in the background, the Telegraph Station dinner is your chance to really appreciate this special part of Australia you find yourself in.  

The next morning, you’ll wake to the mars like landscapes of Coober Pedy. We’ll stop for the day, and you’ll have the opportunity, to visit and dine in an underground opal mine. In the evening, and as a final farewell, you’ll enjoy a sundowner bonfire at Manguri before you board the train for the last time. We’ll travel overnight, arriving in Adelaide mid-morning.  


No matter the direction or time of year, a journey on The Ghan is a guaranteed unforgettable experience. If you’re hoping to spend more of your time on board, watching the landscapes dramatically change, getting absorbed into good book and making friends with fellow travellers, then The Ghan’s classic itinerary is for you. If your inner compass seeks adventure, and you’re looking to spend more time exploring the outback and find comfort travelling overnight, then The Ghan Expedition has your name on it.  

At 95 years young, The Ghan is just getting started. Join us on a historical and iconic journey across Australia.