Solo train travel is the best way to explore Australia

Seamless solitude, lavish landscapes - your solo escape

Words: Ella Chronowski

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new place by yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to meet new people and create new memories that are entirely your own.

Solo travellers bring a wonderful energy, one that is friendly and open to new experiences, new friendships, and a new appreciation for Australia. If you’re travelling by yourself, booking one of our Gold Single cabins is a fantastic way to see Australia. They have all the same inclusions as any other cabin, just with a little more privacy. Once you step aboard, all you’ll need to worry about is yourself and the journey ahead. Here are the top 5 reasons to travel solo.

Become Independent 

Growth is a choice. When we step out of our comfort zone, we grow and become more confident and independent, giving ourselves permission to try new things. When travelling with a partner or group, it’s easy for someone else to take the reins, but with solo travel, it’s up to you to research and navigate the journey. You’ll be left with a sense of accomplishment.

Choose Your Own Adventure 

The beauty of travelling by yourself is that there is no waiting. You don’t have to wait for others to get up for breakfast, and you don’t have to wait for others to decide to go in the first place. You can take advantage of last-minute deals and availability because solo travel gives you endless freedom and flexibility. You’re in complete control of your journey.

Reconnect with yourself 

Travelling solo offers you a lot of space and time for self-reflection, it’s the ultimate ‘me time.’ Take the opportunity to learn about yourself by asking yourself life’s big questions. Get curious, you have all the time in the world to think in peace. Give yourself a chance, we guarantee you’ll surprise yourself.

Meet new People 

The great thing about travelling solo is that you can decide when you want to be surrounded by people and when you want to go your own way.

We become more open when travelling by ourselves, meeting new and wonderful people along the way that you may not have had the chance to meet with a travel partner to fall back on. When it’s time to say goodbye to new friends, your heart feels full because the memories you walk away with are completely your own.

Immerse Yourself in the Destination

When travelling with others, our attention is constantly pulled, shifting the focus from the destination to the group. Travelling solo allows you to perceive new travel experiences unfiltered because you’re not focused on managing other people’s expectations. Instead, you’ll pick up the small details that might have otherwise gone unnoticed and really immerse yourself in the destination.

Experience seamless solitude and lavish landscapes in your solo escape. Book Gold single cabins on The Ghan, Great Southern and Indian Pacific.